Glass Mount FAQs


Q: How does it attach to the vehicle? Any drilling?
A: It attaches directly to the glass surface with a set of plastic mounts designed to perfectly bond to the contour of said glass surface. The mounts are equipped with threaded metal inserts to allow you to remove the panel while leaving the mounts undisturbed.


Q: I have had many experiences in the past with sticky things falling down. How can I possible expect this to stand up to a lifetime of offroad excursions?
A: This method of attachment has been thoroughly tested and continues to see testing in various environments and workloads. The weight capacity of this panel is far beyond that of any gear that could be practically attached. We will be creating more marketing and visual media with absurdly heavy objects that will help demonstrate just how strong they are. As long as the glass surface is properly prepared and cleaned and the instructions are followed, the product will install with ease and remain there as long as you would like it to.

Q: If an adhesive mount gets messed up somehow, what can I do? Am I stuck with a useless panel?
A: The mounts are very self serviceable and extra tape material will be included as backup should something happen to any of your mounts. If you face any problems, we stand by our products and will assist you to make sure you can get it setup and leave you satisfied, even if it means shipping you a whole new set of mounts.

Q: Is this a permanent install?
A: The benefit and decision to employ these adhesive mounts was to add utility to the vehicle without damaging it. While we love our Rovers, we may not
all keep them for a lifetime. Our engineering chooses to not take the shortcut of just sending tapping screws into your interior trim, and instead has spent countless research and development hours creating this system that we are confident to offer to the public. A hex wrench and alcohol wipe will return the glass surface to factory condition should you decide to remove the plastic anchors.

Q: Can I take the panel off?
A: The panel itself can be removed leaving the plastic anchors. This allows for installation of MOLLE gear and quickfists with ease. However, the plastic anchors should only be removed when you have decided you no longer wish to use the panels, as the adhesive backings are only intended for a single application. They may work for further uses, but this cannot be guaranteed.

The Mission

Based out of Idaho and born out of a love for Land Rovers, Lambda Dynamics strives to bring great products to those who also call a Rover their vehicle of choice. Our products are inspired by real life usage and problems, and a mission to squash those problems one by one. Our design keeps pace with the vehicle, bringing elegant yet fully utilitarian solutions to the platform without compromise. We will go through tons of material and prototypes before we ever offer you something less than perfect.

The Team

Lambda Dynamics is currently owned and solely operated by Alfred Hanson. While a Software developer by trade, he has always had a passion for solving problems in the physical realm His adventures in his Land Rover have emboldened him to create solutions that provide value to his vehicle and the world of Land Rover owners.

While today it is a small operation, every day we grow to provide more exacting solutions for all flavors of overland vehicles. With your support, this mission can be fulfilled, and we thank everyone who joins us for that adventure.