About Us

The Mission

Based out of Idaho and born out of a love for Land Rovers, Lambda Dynamics strives to bring great products to those who also call a Rover their vehicle of choice. Our products are inspired by real life usage and problems, and a mission to squash those problems one by one. Our design keeps pace with the vehicle, bringing elegant yet fully utilitarian solutions to the platform without compromise. We will go through tons of material and prototypes before we ever offer you something less than perfect.

The Team

Lambda Dynamics is currently owned and solely operated by Alfred Hanson. While a Software developer by trade, he has always had a passion for solving problems in the physical realm His adventures in his Land Rover have emboldened him to create solutions that provide value to his vehicle and the world of Land Rover owners.

While today it is a small operation, every day we grow to provide more exacting solutions for all flavors of overland vehicles. With your support, this mission can be fulfilled, and we thank everyone who joins us for that adventure.